Huntington Beach

On our way back home from Anaheim we decided to take a little detour and check out Huntington Beach. It’s such a lovely little area and we decided to park and walk the pier. Of course we couldn’t help, but notice all the little restaurants lining the street before the pier 😉

We mosied around checking out some options and decided that pizza and churros just could not be passed up!

We hit up ZeroZero39 Pizzeria and shared a slice of cheese. They have a nice crispy crust with a well-proportioned cheese to sauce ratio. It was some seriously good pizza!


Afterwards, we went to The Funnel House where they make fresh funnel cakes and churros. I will say out of all the churros I have ever had this is on my top five list! Number one being the churro creation by the Churro Boss at Smorgasburg…


This churro was literally encrusted in sugar and cinnamon. The outside crispy and the inside soft and chewy…ugh. Churro withdrawals over here!

What are some of your favorite food spots in HB?

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