The Packing House

One particularly beautiful, sunny Saturday we decided to head to Anaheim and check out The Packing House. We were quite excited to discover all the foodie finds and upon arrival we were quite delighted!


We walked around the beautiful building taking in the sounds, the sights, and the smells. We oogled at the food in the hands of passersby, but finally settled on a couple of places to try.

We went for the Black Sheep GCB (grilled cheese bar) and some boba from a smoothie and shaved ice place.

We split the special of the day, which was a grilled cheese with chicken, pesto, grilled onions, and other mouthwatering ingredients that I don’t recall.


At the boba place we went for the almond milk Thai tea with a cotton candy rim…I mean how could you not??

20170318_135430 (1)

The food was good, but overall it’s just a really cool place to visit. I’m glad that we took the time to take a look!

Have you been to The Packing House? What was the best thing you’ve had here?

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