Smorgasburg Round 2

I love eating and sharing a bunch of different foods so places like Smorgasburg hold a place in my heart. We ended up getting a chance to revisit and I can say it was just as good the second time around. We tried some other vendors this time around and were very pleased!

Brothecary: Chicken dumplings with the chicken broth


TJ’s tacos: chicken tacos and shrimp tacos


Workaholic: Fried Korean type dumplings with bulgogi beef. This was so hot I burned my mouth, but kept eating because it was Just. That. Good.


Ugly Drum: one of the best pastrami sandwiches I have had


Churro Boss: crunchy outside coated with lots of cinnamon and sugar, cut up, and drizzled with dulce de leche and sweet and condensed milk on the other half. The condensed milk half was my favorite…it soaked into the churros and created this deliciously, perfect bite.


I had a Clif bar on the way here, but after all the food we ate here I had no space. We actually ended up skipping dinner because we remained full. That’s a big deal in this house because we don’t usually make it a habit of skipping meals!

If you never go to any of the places I recommend, please, please go here! It just has a great variety of food. I feel like even the pickiest of eaters could find something to eat here.

I know for sure that the hubs and I will be back for round 3 😉

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