Spicing It Up With Turmeric

Sooo…there’s been a lot of buzz around turmeric for a little while now and after reading some of the benefits, I too have hopped on the bandwagon.


Growing up in an Indian household my mom cooked with turmeric, cumin, and what felt like every possible spice known to mankind. My mom also had a magical way of knowing exactly how much of a pinch to put in so nothing would be overpowering and everything would play well together. Basically, my mom is a boss…spice boss that is!

I’m slowly, but surely learning about spices. Turmeric is one of those that I have had some major fails with and also some glorious wins!

There are so many health benefits to turmeric like being an anti-inflammatory, but I won’t go into all that. There are so many good articles that could tell you about the benefits of turmeric.

I love adding it to eggs the most because it just adds a nice warmth. I also like sprinkling it in with my lemon water. I feel like the acidity in the lemon balances out the potency in the turmeric making it perfectly palatable 🙂

Let me know how you guys use turmeric? If you don’t use turmeric what is your current favorite spice?

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