San Francisco

On sudden whim we decided to take a mini trip to San Francisco. The hubs had some time off and it seemed like the perfect time to explore more of California.


Off we went on our little road trip! We stayed in a little Air BNB in Oakland and took the bridge to explore San Fran.


Our first meal: Philly Cheesesteak


Green tea, red bean, and blueberry mocha (blueberry was my fave)

We also had tacos from Nick’s Crispy Tacos. We had a chicken, a steak, and the one on the right is a fish taco done Nick’s way. Basically this means guac, cheese, and I think there was a crispy shell inside of a soft shell. Whatever was in there, it was definitely the best out of the three!



Baked Bear: Salted Caramel ice-cream on top of a warm brownie (cookies were okay)

This pizza was our second dinner…yes, we did have second dinner and we are proud of it!


Slice of cheese from Golden Boy Pizza

We did a TON of walking here and if you don’t know there are a lot of hills so a majority of the time we were going up and down. It was a really good way to get in some exercise and actually see everything around you. Besides, I’m pretty sure the walking negates all the delicious eats 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!!

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