Current Favorite Discoveries

Okay I know I kind of mentioned these two places in passing on Monday, but I had to go into more detail. I felt like not doing so would be a major fail on my part as a dessert lover.

Let’s start with Bo Nuage. We initially went here in search of treats to take back home, but discovered possibly one of our favorite treats-cloud cakes. They were these incredibly light meringues covered in cream covered in chocolate ribbons.


We bought three of the mini: peanut butter, nutella, and passion fruit. The peanut butter and passion fruit actually ended up being my favorites.


They have a ton of other flavors and also carry other treats like macarons and beautifully colored meringues.



The next place is no joke. With over a thousand Yelp reviews and 4.5 stars this place takes cookies seriously! Milk Jar cookies are some of the best I have ever had. Looking at the puffy cookies I was worried about texture. I am a true chewy cookie lover and these were absolute perfection. Chewy and filled with chocolate in every bite.



We shared a chocolate chip and a white chocolate macadamia. I am looking forward to trying the snickerdoodle on our next trip!

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