Oh the food we will eat…Blu Jam Cafe

I feel like I’ve been talking about brunch a lot on this blog, but can you blame me?? I mean it’s like the best meal…seriously, THE best (besides dessert)!

On my quest for the best brunch spot we found Blu Jam Café. I was most excited about the crunchy French toast I had heard so much about, but felt torn once I saw the menu.


Luckily our sweet waitress offered us complimentary French toast since it was our first visit so I ended up getting the Spicy Vegan Tex-Mex Tofu Hash.

The combination of sautéed tofu, black beans, onion, chipotle, cilantro, grilled potatoes, tomatoes, salsa fresca, and avocado was unbeatable. It was spicy and savory. The potatoes had a nice crunch, but still had a fluffiness on the inside.


It came with tortillas so you could make your own breakfast tacos! Breakfast tacos people!!

The French toast was the Maui French Toast and it was pretty delicious too! It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The caramelized bananas that were on it were so buttery and well, perfectly caramelized.


Normally, I would say I can’t wait to go back and try more, but honestly I just want to go back and have the SAME thing. That hash was just that good!

If you ever get the chance please go and let me know what you get, you know, just in case I never get to trying the rest of the menu…

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