Brunch With A Friend

One of my most favorite things is coming together with people you love and when that includes food…well, I’m as happy as a clam! One particular Sunday all the stars aligned and we were able to make it to brunch with a friend from college.


Omelette with turkey sausage, spinach and mushrooms. Mozz on the side and hash browns in the back

The food was good, but the company was better! It’s always lovely to catch up and reminisce and laugh. Laughter is very important to me. In fact, I would say it’s even more important than food (GASP!). You lovelies know how much I like my food so that’s saying a lot.


Onion bagel with cream cheese

This meal filled all my happy buckets to the brim. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a morning 🙂


Waffle with PB, nutella, bananas, and whipped cream. Syrup on the side

What fills your happiness bucket?

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