Fajita Night

When left with little time and hungry stomachs we tend to turn to Mexican food for a quick and easy meal. I’m sure you have noticed the many quesadillas and breakfast burritos that I make. The hubs is also a BIG fan of making burritos for a delicious and satisfying dinner.


On this particular day we had everything we needed for fajitas except some bell peppers and those just happened to be on sale. We grabbed some red and green bells and decided to throw together a quick and easy fajita dinner!


Sadly our yellow onion had gone bad, but this purple one worked out just fine in a pinch. I opted for vegan fajitas and we had some prepped chicken so I threw that in for the hubby. I threw in some extra garlic and onion powder along with taco seasoning and ended up with a delicious and satisfying meal.


By the time B came home dinner was almost done and he made a delicious bowl of guac to complete our homemade Mexican goodness!


I absolutely loved the combination of sweet bell peppers with the bite from the onion and the creamy, savory flavor from the guac. I was hard-core craving this the next day after a hard gym session. It was seriously that good!


What are some of your favorite quick and easy meals??

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