My Favorite Frozen Treats

I absolutely love ice-cream…winter, summer, whenever and wherever. There is something superiorly satisfying about something cold and creamy for dessert. I wanted to bring you some of my more recent favorite cold treats so let’s get started!

What’s better than ice-cream? Ice-cream in a warm sugary, cinnamon coated churro. This is hands down one of my favorite desserts overall…it has warmth, cold, creamy, chewy, and even slight crunch from the outside of the churro. It is a complete dessert in one small package!


This ice-cream from Target meets everything on my checklist: lots of mix-ins, peanut butter, chocolate, crunch, chew, and perfectly creamy ice-cream. Literally, every bite has a mix-in!


I know Go Greek isn’t ice-cream, per say, but it is frozen and delicious. The texture is thick and creamy. I love throwing on some chia seeds and savoring each spoonful!


Croissant+ice-cream=Crocream. Which is exactly what you can get at Churned. The ice-cream has this amazing creamy texture and each flavor is exactly what it says. Here we got a Crocream with salted caramel and powdered sugar. It was a tasty find!


What are some of your favorite frozen treats?? Let me know in the comments below!

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