Oh the food we will eat: Urban Skillet

On a particularly lovely Sunday we had made plans to have lunch with our sweet friends and they recommended this little gem.

Upon entering I immediately loved the simple décor and hipster-ish vibes. I also loved that their menu was small and simple. I love places that have a few things and do them well rather than have a million mediocre items.


They are vegetarian and meat eater friendly and all of their menu items are Halal!


Having read quite a few Yelp reviews it seemed the thing to go for would be the Philgogi Cheesesteak so we decided to split that. It came with a side of seasoned fries, which were quite addictive.


The sandwich contained Korean BBQ, provolone cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions inside of a ciabatta.

The sandwich was gooey, melty, messy, and incredibly delicious. The flavors all melded together to create this perfect combination of sweet and savory for your taste buds.


There are so many other items that I can’t wait to try including the Pattaya chicken sandwich, Kimchee burger, and the ribs!

Let me know if any of you living in SoCal have checked out Urban Skillet and what you think or what you recommend from there. Oh! Leave me recommendations of other places to get good eats from…you know we’re always on the hunt!

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