Some of My Favorite Snacks

I’ve been talking all week about how great snacking is so I wanted to include some of my favorite snacks that I reach for all the time!

  • Cheese quesadilla: Tortilla, mild cheddar cheese, fold in half and place on griddle for a delicious snack with carbs, fat, and protein! Noms


  • Peanut Butter: I can put this on anything and be happy…I can also recommend just eating it on a spoon!


  • Fruits/Veggies: Great for when you need something light or you’re running low on your fruit/veggie count for the day


  • Nuts: When you want fruit, but need something a little more filling include a few of these guys.


  • Greek Yogurt: Protein and all those good bacteria for your tummy, if you’re sticking with the plain stuff add some honey and fruit for extra oomph!20160827_161451_1473046885435


  • Cereal: I don’t have this often, but every once in a while it’s a great snack. It has fortified nutrients like iron and zinc. When you pour in some milk you get additional benefits like a little boost of protein.


  • Milk: Speaking of…just a glass of milk, regular or chocolate can give you a little jolt of energy and sustenance. I love Fairlife…it’s kinder to my tummy!


  • Avocado Toast: Again, quick and simple. The mixture of good fats and carbs makes this a more filling snack for more active days


  • Dried Fruit: Pairs well with peanut butter/nuts and delicious on their own. They also do a pretty good job of curing a sweet tooth.


Now that you know my list of go-tos, what are some of your favorite snacks??

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