Why I Snack

I mentioned a couple of reasons in my last post of why I tend to be a snacker, but I wanted to bring you a few more reasons why I love snacking!


  1. Helps me get in more nutrients/calories: My friends, let me be honest and say I don’t think I could ever get enough serving of fruits or veggies if I didn’t snack. I rely on them to help me get in more micro AND macronutrients because there is no way I would be able to do it with just my meals…trust and believe!
  1. It prevents hanger: Anybody else feel a little irritable midday? I will be the first to admit that when my blood sugar dips low I get umm…slightly unpleasant J Keeping my blood sugar steady by giving in to some good quality snackage means no appearances from the Hulk.
  1. Prevents reaching for less nutrient dense options: When I feed my body instead of waiting till I am starving I set myself up for success. I have had moments where I have been so busy I kept putting off eating till I felt absolutely terrible. This usually leads to me wanting to reach for the first thing (cookies, chips, chocolate) I see to feel better. When I just have my Greek yogurt or my fruit I don’t have to worry about this situation popping up.
  1. I like nibbling: I enjoy munching throughout the day and having smaller meals with a few snacks usually means I can mindfully munch throughout the day 🙂
  1. Variety is the spice of life: I enjoy having a variety of textures and tastes. I would much rather have little bits of everything rather than have a huge portion of one thing. Having multiple meals allows me to do just that!

These are some of the reasons why I enjoy snacking and include it in my own life. Are you more of a snacky person or a 3 meals a day person?? Let me know in the comments!

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