Favorite Frozen Pizzas

You guys know I am all about balance and that means making sure I have at least two frozen pizzas in my freezer at ALL times. I have had a few frozen pizzas in my time and I have two (actually three) that I really love.


I look forward to frozen pizza nights because of these particular pizzas and I felt like I was being a bad food blogger by not sharing them with you! I like my frozen pizzas to not taste like frozen pizzas and these three (especially the last two) do that for me.

The first one is my OG, but truthfully don’t have in my freezer or buy currently because of the next two. It’s the Digiorno Tomato Mozzarella with Pesto pizza. It is a part of their thin and crispy line. It’s cheesy and has nice bursts of tomato and pesto throughout. The crust is thin and crispy as promised. Simple and delicious!

The next one is Amy’s Cheese pizza-the one with the flour crust and dairy cheese. It has a nice chewy and crispy crust with a nice balanced sauce to cheese ratio. It is possibly my favorite out of the three!


The last one is Mandia Ciboitaliano. The crust is a nice frozen version of a Neapolitan pizza crust (we all know how much I love a good Neapolitan pizza). It’s cheesy and is a little mellower in flavor than the Amy’s, but still reminds me of not frozen pizza.


I love having these around for a busy night (or not so busy night). It’s quick and easy and always comes out delicious! What more could a girl ask for?

I am always looking for a good frozen pizza so what are some of your favorites??

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