Workout Wednesdays

Hey friends! Today I bring you another Workout Wednesday featuring circuit training…well sort of. You guys know I don’t like being bored with my workouts so I switched things up the other day and decided to do some “circuit training.” I also had a random day off from work and I wanted to attempt getting in a full body workout.


The hamstring curl machine thing…I know I’m super versed in all things gym 😉

I feel like most circuit training involves some form of HIIT to maximize the workout, but I wasn’t feeling it this particular day so I just changed it up into a workout that worked for my body.

My version of circuit training is not very complicated. I just did 25 of everything I could think of. Bicep curls, squats, crunches…in whatever order they popped in my head. Most days I will do 5 sets with 10 reps of whatever movement I am doing. This time since I was only doing 25 reps I really focused on my form and making each one count. It was fun and I felt a soreness I hadn’t felt in a while!

If you’re a gym person and into resistance training and doing sets and reps and all that jazz this might be a fun change up. I know I really enjoyed it!

What do you guys think about circuit training? Do you love it, hate it?

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