Skin Care

You guys know I believe in being a whole, healthy human and that includes skin care. I love watching the skin care videos on YouTube and feel super inspired by them, but after watching them I worry maybe I need to add more steps to my routine?!

So far it’s been working pretty well for my combination skin so maybe I am okay. Who knows! I guess only time will tell 🙂

Anyways, let’s jump into my skin care routine:

In the morning I start with a basic cleanser. I like this one by Mario Badescu. It doesn’t feel very harsh on my skin and the cleanser has the texture of gel so it’s soothing as well. At night I wash my face with the Simple Face Scrub. There’s no crazy smells or anything that could irritate my skin, which is great for me (and my skin).20170113_121143

After washing my face I pat dry and apply my face cream. I discovered these Alaffia cream after much research. It’s helped my skin quite a bit and helped with some random zits and scars I’ve had from said zits.


At night after washing my face I apply my Maracuja oil from Tarte. This stuff sinks in and is super light so if you worry about having a heavy oil on your face, try this. You won’t even notice it’s there!


Sometimes if I have a dark spot from a pimple or something I will spot treat with this Murad Rapid Lightening serum. It actually does work! On a fresh dark spot I notice big differences in a few days.


Once a week I will do a much more thorough scrub with whatever I happen to be trying out at the time. Recently it’s been this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, but I also love the smell and feel of the Pumpkin Scrub by Peter Thomas Roth!


Besides that I don’t do much else! I will occasionally apply pimple cream if I happen to have some friends popping up on my face, but a majority of the time I keep it pretty simple.

I will say I have always thought about adding in an under eye cream in there somewhere, but I don’t know what’s good. I’ll take any recommendations!

For my body I moisturize after every shower, but I am terrible at doing it before bed. I like applying something heavier post shower/before bed. Recently it’s been this Body Shop body butter. As a nurse I wash my hands a LOT. I don’t think I really ever had dry hands before becoming a nurse, but now they just feel parched. So for before work or throughout the day at home I need a lighter moisturizer to sink in quickly, but also do it’s job well. This Aveeno one is freaking fab!


That’s really about it! Is your skin care routine simple or do you have many steps? Let me know down below!!

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