Trader Joe’s

You guys, I have managed to live 26 years without knowing the goodness that is TJ’s. Now that I have discovered it in all it’s glory I don’t think I can ever go back. They just have some of the most delicious, fun stuff! Don’t even get me started on the seasonal goods…I’m having some serious pumpkin macaron withdrawals over here!


Pumpkin macarons aside, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds from Trader Joe’s. I have quite a few to be honest so maybe grab a snack…maybe even something from TJ’s J

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur and am not super picky about my coffee. I know what I like-a nice medium strongish coffee with a good splash of creamer. The K-Cups here manage to give me just that, so no complaints from this girl!


TJ’s has a great dried fruit and nut section…I mean like GREAT. The only thing I have managed to try so far are the dried mangoes because they are just so dang good. The spicy and sweet pecans managed to win my heart recently. If you like candied pecans these are similar, but with a little kick!

2016-08-31 10.05.52

The pesto here is really good and so is the eggplant hummus. Both make great sandwiches, dips, spreads, etc. I have no pictures of either though so I’m sorry about that!

The Indian food in the freezer section is pretty legit which I was truly surprised about as an Indian who grew up eating my mom’s Indian food. The palak paneer and naan remain my favorites though.


I actually first heard about these potstickers through Brenda at Become Betty. If you haven’t checked out her blog then you need to! She has seriously awesome reviews on the many, many things TJ’s has. When I found them at my own Trader Joe’s I had to try them and ended up really enjoying them with some plain soy sauce.


These Belgian waffles have been really nice to have around because recently I have been on a major waffle kick. I haven’t quite convinced myself I need a waffle maker so these have been the next best thing. Light and fluffy and crunchy from the toaster…perfect when doused in maple syrup 😉


Speaking of maple syrup I am thinking about trying out TJ’s maple syrup…have any of you tried it? Is it any good?

I know I have talked about my love for the s’mores, but I recently learned how good these pb cups are. I initially thought them better than Reese’s (gasp!), but I have recently discovered these are just different. These are actually a bit sweeter and the pb inside the chocolate cup is creamier as opposed to crumblier. The peanut butter is also sweeter in these as opposed to a slight saltiness in the Reese’s. I adore both, obviously, I just spend a paragraph discussing differences in pb cups!


I do get other things from TJ’s like spinach, lemons, sweet potatoes, bananas, eggs, Greek yogurt, etc. I decided to leave those out because more than likely a majority of people have tried/had/eat those things on a daily basis.

What are some of your favorite items from Trader Joe’s??



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