Faves on Fridays

My favorites this week include some tasty (yes, more food) and warm things because it’s been a bit chilly here in California (yes, I am that person who is ALWAYS cold). Before I start jabbering on let’s just get to it!

I seriously dislike the cold to the point where it even makes me upset. It’s a serious issue people! I do love to bundle up (I’m a hypocrite, I know) in boots and leggings and scarves. I got this scarf maybe a year or two ago and I have used it a gazillion times. It’s a blanket scarf and it is so soft and comfy!


I love being organized and having checklists and such so much to the point that it could have it’s own spot in the favorites list, but instead I include this little find from Target. I wanted a calendar I could write in and see what I had happening in my week at a glance. I went to Target and bought this gem along with a bunch of other things I probably could have gone without #thattargetlife


Loving the simple gold and white situation 

This sweet popcorn obsession started long ago with Popcorn Indiana and all there different sweet creations, but it never ended. I ran across this Angie’s Sugar Cookie Kettle Corn and had to grab a bag. It’s got a white chocolate drizzle and fun sugar sprinkles. How could you go wrong?


Happy weekending everybody! 🙂

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