Daily Eats

As usual every morning starts with a cup of unpictured, but delectable cup of coffee…

Post workout and ravenous I had scrambled eggs with mild cheddar mixed in, spinach, and some sourdough.


Blueberries and Cuties for snack/dessert


Lunch included leftover Amy’s lentil and vegetable soup, cheese quesadilla, and more spinach


I was pretty full after this lunch and I got really busy doing prepping, cooking, and baking that I didn’t bother with a snack.


Cinnamon streusel muffins

After all the prepping, cooking, baking, and cleaning up after I had no desire to make dinner so I opted for a quick microwave/oven meal. Dinner included TJ’s vegan “chicken” tikka and garlic naan plus spinach. I am not much of a rice person so I skipped the rice and had the naan instead 🙂


Dessert was another Cutie and a couple of pieces of See’s chocolate. Noms!


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