Faves on Fridays

Today I am sharing with you my current favorite moisturizer, water bottle, and hot drink of the moment!

I normally stick to regular drug store moisturizers, but, my friends, that has changed. I recently walked into Body Shop and discovered this body butter and I haven’t been able to stop using it. I slather this on after showers and before bed…the scent is light, fresh, and clean yet lovely and feminine! By no means am I saying goodbye to my Aveeno and Jergens, but this has been a nice little change up.

A water bottle at my bedside is an absolute must! There are days that I wake up in the middle of the night parched and all kinds of discombobulated and having water handy keeps from tripping over myself and everything else in the hunt for some good ol’ H2O. This water bottle is perfect because it’s not too big or too small and I really love the color.


I love tea, but it’s fun to switch it up and recently hot chocolate has been a go to. I always mix a packet of hot cocoa mix with some Fairlife milk. It gives me some protein, some sweetness, and it just warms me up!


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