Oh the food we will eat…

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of experiencing Bondi Harvest. It’s a beautiful little hole in the wall that’s really tucked away. It’s one of those places you have to be looking for in order to find.


I can say this is a great place for foodies and people who love taking pictures of their food. Needless to say the food is fantastic. The hubs and I split the halloumi avocado toast and the caveman bowl (minus the bacon plus two poached eggs).

The halloumi toast was incredible. It was topped with honey, pistachios, and had some lemony situation happening too. We had never had halloumi before and weren’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being an awesome addition to the toast. The avocado was creamy, the halloumi was firm and almost meaty in texture, while the honey sweetened up all the savory bites and the lemon just brightened up everything.


Our caveman bowl contained cauliflower with chimmichuri, kale, turmeric quinoa, fermented veg, poached eggs and house made hummus. It was really fresh and light, yet filling. The eggs were nice because they added creaminess and some healthy fats.


Our friend got the Bondi breakfast which is a couple of eggs, mushrooms, avocado, bacon, and roasted tomatoes. She also really loved her meal, but sadly I have no pictures of it!

It was a really lovely setting and an even lovelier meal. We absolutely cannot wait to go back and check out more of the menu. I’m being completely serious when saying we had a very difficult time narrowing down what we should try because EVERYTHING looked so good.

If you are ever in Santa Monica and need a good meal check them out!

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