Daily Eats: Random Edition

Happy Monday loves! I hope the start to the workweek is treating everyone well!! Instead of doing a regular post where I tell you about my eats from one day I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little. Today I bring you some of my favorite recent meals in totally random order. I hope you enjoy!!


My first attempt at making blueberry syrup…not too syrupy, but still delicious!


Delicious turkey sammie with fig spread, goat cheese, and garlic aioli at Blue Table


Post dinner dessert from Sidecar Donuts: Vanilla Yeast, Cinnamon Streusel, and Huckleberry…Huckleberry was the best


Teriyaki from Waba (I think)


Egg, hash brown, cheese burrito made by yours truly šŸ˜‰


Panera’s steak and arugula sammie


This was a green tea macaron ice-cream sammie from Poke Bar

These are some of my favorite eats as of recent days so let me know what some of yours have been!

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