Faves on Fridays

Here are some of my recent loves: boots, a fun treat from the freezer section at TJ’s, and the newest Veggie Grill item!

You guys I almost didn’t get these boots, but I am glad my better half convinced me to grab them. I found them at Forever 21. They have a nice chunky heel and they are super comfy! I can walk around forever in these guys…


The shade doesn’t show up correctly, but it’s like an olive green…

I know I talked recently about my love for macarons so I was exceptionally excited to find these in the freezer section at my favorite store. I’ve tried the regular variety pack and the holiday variety pack, but these pumpkin ones are my favorites. They are seriously awesome for coming out of the freezer section. The texture and taste is even better than some I’ve bought from bakeries…try them if you haven’t already!


You know my love for Veggie Grill…I cannot get enough. We went a couple of weeks ago and had planned on getting the tofu Thai wrap and the Bombay bowl. Well to my dear husband’s heartbreak they have stopped carrying the Bombay bowl. The cashier suggested their new menu item, the Beyond Burger. He said it was the “beef” patty from the Beyond Meat line. Now, I’ve tried the Beyond Chicken from the freezer isle and was not a fan. I was a little skeptical of this burger, but decided to go for it anyway. I can say that I was completely wrong and that it was seriously delicious. The cashier had said that their Beyond Burger was comparable to In n’ Out and I do think it’s pretty darn close!


Beyond Burger and Lentil soup

Have you guys had any great finds recently?

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