New Year’s Weekend

My initial intent was to take pictures of everything we ate and did, but like all good intentions things didn’t work out exactly as I had planned. I had been really looking forward to this weekend because the hubs and I both had some time off together (we both worked Christmas weekend) and our schedules weren’t really matching up. In all the excitement I forgot quite a few pictures, but between him and I we have a few. So my friends, here is our New Year’s weekend!


Bread basket from our very late lunch


Late lunch continued…pesto turkey panini


Late lunch take 2 on the turkey pesto panini


We brought in New Year’s in DTLA


Churros from New Years in DTLA…these were hot, fresh, and delicious!


New Year’s Day bread basket…one of the BEST bread baskets ever!!


New Year’s Day omelette from brunch. This was one of the BEST omelette’s ever!!

New Year’s Eve included pizza and vegan dumplings from a couple of vendors which are obviously and sadly unpictured. The dumplings were so gingery and warm! New Year’s day we didn’t eat much after the brunch you see here because we were both pretty stuffed. We munched on clementines and ended up making a late night frozen pizza!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!! Let me know about your New Year’s eats!

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