Faves on Fridays: Dessert Edition

I think it’s extremely rare I meet a dessert I do not like. Like, I’m talking the idea of me not liking a type of dessert is basically extinct. It’s kind of a problem, but is it really?? I didn’t think so…

Here are a few dessert favorites I’ve been enjoying lately!

Macarons are something I have fallen for since first bite. The texture of the actual cookie combined with the sweet (or tart) filling is unbelievable. I won’t lie, I enjoy the creamy and sweet fillings as opposed to the fruity, jammy fillings, but either way I could eat these all day, erryday..


Donuts…a perfect combination of breakfast and dessert


Shaved ice, again, a wonderful contrast of textures and taste. Bright, fruity, and icy combined with cold and creamy. It just works!


What are some of your most treasured desserts? Let me know in the comments below!

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