Guest Post: Hubby’s Food Philosophy

I thought it would be a great idea to have a different perspective on the whole health and food thing. I asked the hubs if he was up to writing a post and he graciously accepted the challenge. He knows a LOT about nutrition and working out for someone who is neither a dietitian nor a personal trainer. He is my go-to for both of those things so without further ado let’s get to his post! Also, big thanks babe for taking the time to write this AND find pictures-you are seriously the best!!

Hi there!

My name is Bilal and I’m the lucky guy who gets to call Jess my better half. She does a wonderful job at spreading positivity through this platform, so when she asked me to write a guest post to bring an outside perspective to her blog I jumped at the opportunity.

So many topics come to mind to discuss but I’ll stick to everyone’s favorite for this one – food!


Donuts. Because health.

Food, as they say, is the essential fuel for all life. (Food equals fuel.) Fat, protein, carbs. (Calories in equal calories out.) Simple. Right? But that’s not necessarily how most of us view it. When we think of food, we feel a certain way. Comfort, joy, excitement. Of course this way of thinking is in large part responsible for our obesity epidemic… and it probably had something to do with why I was such chubster growing up.

Over the years, my food philosophy has changed drastically. From my childhood, seeing it solely as delicious morsels of happiness, to now where I see it as fuel for performance… and also delicious morsels of happiness. I guess my philosophy hasn’t changed that drastically.


My “occasional” treat.

All this is to say that I think food is a wonderful thing and I’ve found that the key to balancing health and happiness when it comes to eating is moderation. Some people use rules such as the 80/20 rule where they eat healthy food 80% of the time and allow for 20% of their intake to be “less nutritious.” I personally have found the 80/20 rule plus intermittent fasting to be my sweet spot. I usually find myself hungrier in the evenings so I eat small meals during the day, and save most of my calories for my evening meal. This has been especially helpful when it comes to social events. Since they usually take place in the evenings, I’m able to enjoy myself without going over my calorie limit.


Give a man a burrito, feed him for a day. Teach him the art of burrito-ing, feed him for a lifetime.

Another variable in my intake is my fitness goal at the time. I like to work out – did I mention that? What this means is that I tailor my calorie intake to whether I’m trying to lose fat, maintain, or gain muscle – also known as cutting, maintaining, or bulking. Currently I’m in a bulking or muscle gaining phase, which as you can imagine is the most fun out of these since I get to eat more food to lift more weight.


The chicken-steak plate from Waba Grill – I could eat this every day!

In closing, the main things I’ve learned through my years of trialing different diets and exercise routines is that everyone’s bodies respond differently to different stimuli. Some people have a high metabolic demand so they need to eat more, others fall on the opposite side of the spectrum. On that same note, some feel more energetic when most of their intake comes from carbohydrates whereas others feel better eating mostly proteins and fats. The take-away is that everyone is different and the only way we can find out what works for us is by going through personal trials. A few months of learning which foods/exercises work for you are worth the lifetime of stressless eating that follows.


The ultimate craving-killer. Perfect ending to any meal… or blog post.

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