A Brunch Favorite

I freaking LOVE breakfast/brunch! How could I not when you can have waffles, pancakes, hashes, omlettes, eggs benny, and a million other tasty things?


Everything Bagel with Lox from Mi Antigua (Long Beach, CA)

I also LOVE carbs…and fat. What can I say? I think bread and butter cures all that ails the soul.


Leo and Lily’s Bagel and Lox Plate

That being said…I am obsessed with bagels and lox. Specifically an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion, and tomato done well will make me go weak in the knees.


When we lived in Oklahoma there used to be a place called Old School Bagel Café that had the best everything bagels. They also had the best bagels and lox! This is already on my list of things to eat when we go home.


What is your favorite bagel joint? How do you like your bagels??

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