Faves on Fridays

Kisses, coloring books, and cuties…oh my! Welcome to another favorites post where I share random tidbits I have been loving.

Today we start with pumpkin kisses…sadly I didn’t discover these till November, but I am hooked! The minute I opened the bag and smelled the pumpkin spice flavor I hoped it would be a win. It was. The pumpkin spice flavor is very present and there’s a creamy center, which I think is supposed to be white chocolate? I have no idea! Let me know if you know!


Next, the hubs and I have been looking for a good coloring book and we finally found one at Michael’s! I’ve heard that it helps boost creativity and can help ease stress. I am all about that, but I really just want to color!


Okay, does anyone else love Cuties? Those little oranges that are easy to peel and taste sweet and citrusy? They are so good and I can’t get enough!


That’s all I have for this week! Let me know what you’ve been loving!!

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