Workout Wednesdays

I’ve been meaning to sit and write this post, but I kept getting distracted. Today, I am getting my head on straight and cranking this out! I really want to share with you guys what’s changed in my workout routine since going back to a full time job so let’s just get on with it!


Before starting my current job I was working out 5-6 times a week for about 50-60 minutes per sesh. I did a little bit of cardio at the beginning to get warmed up and focused on strength training for the rest of my time at the gym. Okay, so now that we know where I was before let’s talk about my current situation…

Still working out 5-6 days a week? No way! It’s more like 4 times a week nowadays… I work 12 hours shifts where I have to be on my feet all day. Nursing is one of those jobs that requires you physically, mentally, and emotionally to be on point so when the end of the day comes I am ready for a hot shower and warm dinner! That being said there are many nurses that are rockstars and manage working out after a long shift; sadly, I am not one of them. When my body says it’s done for the day….it’s seriously done!

How long are the workouts? Since I am not going as often I spend closer to 60 minutes at the gym. It’s not really even on purpose, but now that I don’t get to go as often I savor my workouts. I focus on the burn and forget the time!

Cardio verses strength training? Okay, so I have started including a day of cardio into my routine. This is usually my first day back at the gym after a few days of work. I find myself feeling particularly tired on my first morning off, but my body is craving gym time. I have found doing 40-50 minutes of cardio this day is a good mindless way to warm up my muscles without feeling completely drained. I still love strength training and continue to focus on it on my other gym days!

I think that kinda sums it all up! If you guys have any questions or comments leave them down below!! Have a wonderful Wednesday my lovelies!

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