Faves on Fridays

Hello my loves and welcome to one of my favorite posts of the week! I will be sharing with you my favorite healthier cookie, a good fiber/protein/low carb bread, and the cutest booties!!

I’ve casually mentioned these cookies in a Daily Eats post before, but I wanted to tell you why I love them. I am not big into protein things like shakes, cookies, bars, etc, but these cookies just taste like a regular cookie to me. They are soft and chewy and great with milk! My favorite flavors include the snickerdoodle, pumpkin, and birthday cake. They also happen to be vegan!! I see them everywhere so if you happen to run into them give them a taste!


The hubs loves a good low carb, high protein bread and he recently bought this Oasis low carb bread. I don’t particularly care about low carb, but I do like to find good higher protein options. Since there’s only two of us it just makes sense to use the same bread. It helps cut cost and reduces waste since he doesn’t eat much bread to begin with. The texture is a bit on the chewier side, but once it’s toasted I don’t really notice. I also like the random bits of seeds inside!


I bought these boots from Nordstrom Rack and they are super cute! I can dress them up, down or sideways. They are great for cooler temp days when an open toed wedge or heel won’t keep you warm!


Let me know what your favorites are down below!!

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