Faves on Fridays

Hey loves! Thanks for joining me on another Faves on Fridays. I am here to tell you all about my favorite dark, leafy green, socks (yes, socks!), and a sweet delight because #balance!

This is my ride or die green vegetable, it’s mild and goes perfectly in anything and almost everything. If you guessed spinach…you are absolutely right! Eat it raw, make a salad, put it in soups or sammies, make it into a smoothie…you just can’t go wrong! Its mild flavor makes it a perfect green to add to anything and give it a extra nutritious punch in the face!


I don’t ever wear any other socks anymore other than my no-show ones. They provide the comfort of socks without peeking out of your shoes! Try them if you haven’t yet, but make sure you get ones with the no slip strip on the heel and make sure it’s a good thick strip otherwise your socks will slide down. And we know ain’t nobody got time for that!


I love sweets! Alert the media!! I know it’s a shocker. I also love churros! I love the warm crispy outside and the slightly soft and chewy inside. I love the cinnamon sugar coating that gets all over your lips and face and hands. It’s all wonderful! When you add sauce on top of that…it’s over the top delectable!


Churros with nutella and bavarian cream drizzle

What are you currently loving on? Let me know in the comments!

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