Oh the food we will eat…

Tel Aviv is one of those wonderful, bustling restaurants that you go to and immediately feel like family. The staff is super welcoming and you just feel at home, but be warned they are ALWAYS busy so finding seating can be difficult. It’s all worth it once you taste the food!


Laffa  wraps


Besides all of that their food is delicious as well! I’ve never experienced Israeli food like this. The kebabs? Delicious. The shwarma? Delicious. The laffa wraps? Delicious. Everything else? Delicious. I have not been disappointed once by the quality (or quantity for that matter) of food from here. Everything is seasoned perfectly…the warm spices add great flavor to everything.


You get the option of your meat and then you get to pick if you want it as a platter or in a pita, laffa, or baguette. We’ve had the chicken thigh and shwarma in laffa bread and the wraps were humongous and overflowing with meat. The platters are big enough to share and come with fluffy pita bread. We all know how I love my bread…


If you love some good Israeli food then this is the place you need to go! It’s super tasty and I can’t get enough!!

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