Quick and Easy Breakfasts

My goal for breakfast is to have a satisfying meal that will nourish and strengthen my body. I don’t eat breakfast till after my workouts so I really put an effort in to make sure I get a good combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This helps with satiation and fueling my body for the rest of the day. There are many (read: MANY) days that I get home from the gym and am so ravenous I can’t wait to prepare something so I try to make sure I have some easy fruit (bananas) or milk around to grab and have while I throw together a balanced breakfast!

Breakfast is an important part of my day and what I eat usually sets the tone for the rest of my meals that day. With all that being said I’m usually rushing around in the morning and don’t have all that much time to hangout so I wanted to bring you some quick and easy breakfasts I have been loving!

1.Overnight oats: Quick and easy and you can prep it the night before. If you’re in a big hurry you can grab it to go! Just don’t forget the spoon…


2.Boiled Eggs: Boil enough for a few days and you have a quick and easy breakfast…make sure you grab fruit for some nutrient dense carbs! This is a great link to perfectly boiled eggs every time!


3.Breakfast Burritos: I don’t put a ton of things into my breakfast burritos…mostly eggs and cheese with hashbrowns thrown in every once in a while. Beans are a good option as well for fiber, protein, and carbs! Throw in some salsa and now you have a portable breakfast!


4.Protein Pancakes: I’ve raved about this so I won’t say too much other than who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast?? These are yummy and filled with protein! Perfect paired with some nut butter for a healthy dose of nutritious fats!


5.Plain Greek and Berries: Love this for super hot mornings when I need something cool and fresh and relatively light! It really hits the spot!!


These are a few of my go-to breakfasts! I try to include a fresh vegetable or fruit with my breakfast to start getting those micronutrients in early…because who knows what will happen the rest of the day?! When you go to bed looking forward to breakfast, that’s when you know you’re doing breakfast right!

What is your favorite breakfast of the moment?

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