Faves on Fridays

Another week, another set of favorites! This week we’re talking favorite season, concealer and dessert (I know you’re shocked)!!

I love autumn! The colors, the cozy feel of boots and scarves, the cooler temps. I even love the gray, dreary days…they are so perfect for big cups of tea and cuddling. I’m excited to experience our first fall in California!!


Waiting for the leaves to turn from bright and green to vibrant hues of red and orange..

This NARS radiant and creamy concealer was my first concealer ever. It is a little pricier, but I had heard so many good things about it that I had to try for myself. For a makeup newb this product was easy to use. It doesn’t crease, it lasts all day, it brightens my under eyes…everything that you want in a concealer!


There’s something about this season that makes me crave a good pie. I have never been a big fan of fruit pies (not that I would ever turn one down), but pumpkin, sweet potato, chocolate…I’m your girl! If you live in Oklahoma then you gotta check out Pie Junkie. I love all of their pies even the fruit filled ones! Every pie is unfreakingbelievable.


Peanut butter chocolate and strawberry rhubarb

Do you like fruit pies?? Tell me what your favorite pie is down below!

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