Oh the food we will eat…

Even before I tried Ramen I knew I would love it. I love carbs, I love warm, comfort foods, and I love bowl food! The first time we had it was shortly after we arrived in California. Our roommate took us to one of his favorite ramen joints. I was starving and the first bite of that spicy, hot broth…it just felt right.


After that we went to a couple of other places that served ramen, but my hands down favorite is Tamashii. I always get the same thing-spicy chicken ramen. I like it hot on the spice scale.

The broth is a perfect balance of savory, spicy goodness. The noodles always nicely cooked…not mushy.


Eating ramen to me is a whole experience. You bury your head in the bowl, noodles to chopsticks, chopsticks to mouth, slurping noodles. You almost forget where you are…it’s a beautiful thing.

What’s your favorite ramen place??

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