Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul. This blog is about finding balance and being the best you. I believe that it can be a serious struggle to have a healthy body if you have a depressed soul or an anxious mind. I believe that it’s just as important to nurture our minds and souls, as it is our bodies. Sometimes that means taking the time to do something we love.


I find that baking or cooking helps me clear my min. It just makes my soul happy. I love being in the kitchen and getting out all the ingredients. I enjoy measuring (or not…depending on the day) things out. I actually don’t mind the flour that missed the bowl or the melted butter that dripped on the counter top…


I enjoy watching ingredients come together to form something delicious. I love bringing joy to others through food.


Afterwards, I (sometimes) even enjoy the clean up…washing up the batter bowl, wiping the counters, putting away the measuring cups…

It’s my time to zone out and focus on something other than that thing that happened or take my mind off of a stressful situation. Sometimes I even come out of the kitchen with solutions or a more positive mind set. It’s like my own little therapy session.


The problem is when we don’t take time to step out of the craziness and give ourselves a moment to breathe…then our minds become muddled, our bodies become lethargic, and our souls downcast.

This week I urge you to take a little, teeny, tiny bit of time to do something you love. It won’t be time wasted…I promise.

Love and hugs friends!

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