Workout Wednesdays: Strength Training

The past few years I have really come to embrace strength training or resistance training as some people call it. I have come to really appreciate what it can do for my body. I don’t think this myth is as prevalent as it once used to be, but many women were afraid that lifting meant they would get bulky like a body builder. Because of that many refused to do strength training for a long time. Women body builders work to get that certain look which basically means supplements, diets, and training all go into that. Men have a higher ratio of testosterone, which helps give them that bulky muscle look. For everyday women, adding weights just gives that lean, tone look. So don’t let that myth keep you from building a better body!


Strength training doesn’t always mean you have to pick up a pair of dumbbells to get results. Squats, pushups, lunges are all movements that use your own body weight to create resistance. By this point, I am sure you guys have figured out that if I am not enjoying what I am doing I will probably not continue to do it. I really do love strength training, but let me tell you why.

This first reason might seem kind of obvious, but resistance training tones up those beautiful muscles helping you be a lean, mean machine. Many may say that any workout can do the same, but I didn’t start seeing results till I started including some resistance into my routine. I have to say seeing results really does give you that extra boost of motivation!

Osteoporosis is a medical condition when your bones get weaker and are more prone to breaking. The older we get, the weaker our bones tend to get and the more prone they are to breakage. The good news is that this can be prevented! I know we’ve all heard the phrase, “move it or lose it.” Well my sweet friends, this is where that applies. Resistance training can help strengthen our bones and muscles and prevent our bones from becoming brittle and our muscles from becoming weak! I think that’s plenty good reason to add some resistance training…

20160914_135901How do I say this? I tend to be on the shorter side of things…I’m only 5 feet tall, but for whatever reason I have always had this tendency to slump. My mom would always tell me that if I didn’t stand up straight I would find myself permanently hunched over for life. I don’t think that what she said is completely true, but it’s my mom and moms know everything so I knew I needed to work on my posture. Since squats, lunges, and many other exercises require proper form you tend to pay more attention to your body alignment…hence, helping you with that slump.

Yoga is well known for helping improve balance, but did you know that strength training does too? Building muscle provides more stability hence giving you better balance. I’m not saying you would be able to go out and walk on a tight rope, but it should help if you decide to take up yoga or just tend to be an accident prone like me!

I love to eat! If you’ve been reading my blogs at all then you know this about me. Well, resistance training helps me with that too! Resistance training actually improves your metabolism and helps you burn some calories. I feel like this comes in handy now, but I feel like it will be even better later on in life. Our metabolisms slow down the older we get IF we let it. Adding in some strength training ensures our metabolisms continue to do its best work for us.


Seriously, I love food…


All of this was a lengthy way of saying that I do resistance training because it improves my overall health. I want to have a full, happy life. I want to experience all that life has to offer. I want to seize everyday and make it the best day ever. I feel that being in MY best shape helps me do all of that and more!

Do you include resistance training in your workouts? Hope you’re having a beautiful day! Love and hugs my friends!!

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