Faves on Fridays

Energy bars, tea, and face cream come together today to bring you my weekly favorites!

Let’s talk about Lara Bars. The ingredient list is minimal and whole…I love that! I adore the fact they have what seems like a ton of different flavors. Variety is the spice of life after all, but there are actually only two flavors that I really, really like. Blueberry muffin and cashew cookie with blueberry muffin in the lead for sure! I love that it’s something I can grab and eat when I’m on the go and hunger takes over. Actually, I should start putting these guys in my car. I’m sure the hubs would appreciate not dealing with a hangry wife!


Lemon water has been on my previous Faves on Friday list because of many reasons, but especially because it adds flavor to my water. This next favorite does the same. Teas have been one of my go to drinks for a long time. I’ve tried many different brands of teas, but Celestial really does teas right! Their flavors are smooth and on point with what they say they are. Drinking plain water gets even harder for me as the cooler weather approaches so green and herbal teas are how I stay warm and hydrated!



I can’t even remember how long I have been using face this face cream. I have never heard anyone else talking about it, but I found it when I was looking for a perfect fit for my skin. I never had full on breakouts, but I would have times that I would get a few zits or a huge, throbbing painful pimple on my face. Mostly during that time of month and most of the time it would leave a scar…some dark pigmentation. Very annoying. This face cream with Alaffia and Shea does address some of those issues (not the hormonal acne), but it has helped with scarring. It really helps with moisturizing the skin properly; I would say it’s actually a slightly heavier moisturizer. I have combination and I am okay with it, but just be careful if you are very oily!


Do you drink tea? What’s your favorite kind??

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