The Art of Meal Prep

Meal prep is a smart, efficient way to ensure you get, at the very least, one nutrient dense meal in you. Now how you do your meal prep is totally up to you. I don’t package up each meal into separate containers with my protein, carb, and veggies all portioned out and ready to eat. I do it slightly differently…

I tend to buy vegetables and then cut them up and put them in Tupperware so when I need them for various things I can quickly grab it and use it. I try not to buy things pre-cut because they end up costing a little more and my friends, we are trying to save money where we can! I don’t pre-cook my vegetables because I don’t always want them cooked the same way so I wait till I’m ready to use it. I find just having them ready to be cooked means I tend to consume more veggies!



Fruit is also a really good thing to have ready for the week! I don’t do this so much now, but during my college years I would bring cut up pineapple and cantaloupe (courtesy of my sweet mom) in big plastic containers to have for the week. She would even wash up a large container of grapes so they were ready to go. This meant there were many days where I would grab the fruit over a handful of chips. Since I didn’t have to think about it or do anything to prep it, it was easy!

When it comes to protein, we usually will cut up chicken breast and bake it up for the week. I tend to just do salt and pepper so we can season it accordingly for whatever we decide to use it for. This is great when you’re starving and need something quick. Good, lean protein ready to be heated up!

Meal prep to me also means doing smart shopping. What I mean is that when I go to the grocery store I make sure I grab easy nutrient dense foods to add variety to my meals. We all know I refuse to get bored of my food! I will grab cans of beans, soups, canned tuna in water, shredded cheese, etc. This ensures that I can throw together something quick and easy in minutes when I’m not feeling what’s in my fridge.


Fresh cut papaya and blueberries with plain Greek yogurt and honey for a quick snack

My future self always thanks me when I take time to do these few things. I will throw on some YouTube or Netflix and have it in front of me as I wash up my produce and cut up my veggies. It makes it go by much quicker! I think meal prep is worth a little bit of anybody’s time because it leads to making better choices.

In this post I just wanted to show you that there isn’t just one way to do meal prep. You can do it your own way and make it work for your life!

Do you meal prep??

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