Workout Wednesdays

I am a morning workout fiend and I’m not mad at it! That’s just what works for me. I’m not a crazy person…let me explain why I jump outta bed, have my coffee, and scamper off to the gym.


Technically a sunset, but still gorgeous


  1. There’s the obvious reason: I am a morning person! I just work better as a whole during the day and tend to be at my best. The later it gets…the more tired I get and the less likely I am to go the gym.
  1. It makes sense to go post coffee since it gives me a boost of energy. My morning cup is the only caffeine I have been having so this morning routine works!
  1. I enjoy going to the gym, but when I put it off for later in the day I have to think about where I can fit it in. When I have already gone it’s one less thing that’s running a muck in my brain!
  1. The endorphins in the morning give you the good feels all day. Working out bright and early gets my day off to an excellent start. I fight off the stressors of the day before they even have a chance so I feel better as a whole. Who wouldn’t want that?
  1. I have noticed that I tend to be more active throughout the day when I start my mornings with a workout compared to when I workout later or not at all.
  1. I have a really hard time going to workout after I eat. Food does not sit well for me during workouts so working out early means I get to eat and we all know I love to eat!
  1. This one mayyy just sound weird, but I feel like showering after a sweaty workout is one of THE best feelings. It’s in my top 20…maybe even my top 10.

Let’s be real though, getting a good sweat in any time of day is good for you. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it, trust me!


Let me know, are you a morning workout person or later in the day?? What are your reasons?

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