Oh The Food We Will Eat…

Neapolitan or NY style? Depending on my mood my answer varies. This particular night Neapolitan was on my mind. We hadn’t found a good place for it in Cali, but it’s probably (most definitely!) because we hadn’t looked. That was how we found Midici!


There’s a tree growing the middle of the restaurant…so magical!

Midici is a lovely restaurant; the lighting and the table set up is perfect for dates or dining out with friends. There’s a lively, yet intimate feel to the place! They have a lovely menu with various things, but we had one thing on our mind: pizza.


You order your food, they give you a number, and you find a seat. We decided to go for the meatball app and share a margh pizza. It may seem basic, but I don’t think there’s anything better than a margherita done right.

My friends, this food experience was one for the books. The meatballs came out first and they were juicy and tender. They were swimming in some of the best marinara sauce I have ever had! The bread that came out was warm and perfect for soaking it all up.


Then there was the pizza. Each part of the pizza could stand on it’s own. The crust was crispy and yet soft, the sauce was flavorful, the basil crisped up by the brick oven, the cheese was balanced-not to much, not too little-so your taste buds had a chance to experience each part in all of it’s glory.


Perfection in a plate!

We will definitely be going back! I mean, when you have pizza like this who wouldn’t?

Do you enjoy Neapolitan pizza??

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