Groceries For Days

I decided to switch things up and do a grocery list today rather than a “Daily Eats” post. I really enjoy seeing what other people buy and I feel like it provides me with inspiration for my own grocery list.


There are a few things that are a MUST have in my home. This is daily use stuff that we can’t do without:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter
  • Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes)
  • Fruit (bananas+ lemons+ whatever is in season and on sale)
  • Fairlife milk
  • Carbs (tortillas, bread, rice)
  • Protein (chicken, cheese, shrimp, tofu, beans, etc)

We also get things like protein pancake mix, oats, eggs depending on what I am having for breakfast at the time. We also tend to have at least a couple of boxes of cereals cause sometimes you want cereal for dinner!


Pumpkin Spice Cheerios!!! What is life??

We tend to snack on fruit and yogurt a lot in this house, but we have fun things like Larabars, pretzels, hummus, Lenny and Larry cookies, TJ’s dried mangoes, protein bars (for the hubs), chips at times, so on and such!


Frozen pizza can be found in our freezer for a quick meal when you’re hungry and don’t want to use any more brainpower than you already have…anybody else? No? Just me?

The freezer also houses ice-cream more often than not. Chocolate and sour candies are sprinkled throughout our pantry…


What deliciousness would we find in your kitchen? Let me know down below!

2 thoughts on “Groceries For Days

  1. foxtaylor says:

    I love hearing about what groceries people buy! I’m so nosey haha. We typically keep lots of items that have a shelf life, like rice, grains, lentils, canned beans, spices, powdered veggie stocks etc. When I buy groceries I try to get seasonal vegetables and fruits, but often impulse buy a lot of junk lol

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