Workout Wednesdays

I’ve been working out for a while now, but my workouts have changed as I have grown and my interests have changed (read: prevent major boredom!). It continues to change depending on how I feel and sometimes I find something new I want to try out…to me that’s okay because it keeps me moving!

I’ve split my days into focusing on different workouts/different body parts, but by no means do I have a strict schedule!

I start every workout with a good 20 minutes of quality time with the elliptical machine. It gets me sweaty and excited for the rest of my gym time…but I will say I still prefer walking outside!


That being said there are a few (VERY few) days that I tend to do 40-50 minutes of cardio…these are usually days where I don’t feel like I need a rest day, but I don’t feel like doing any resistance training. It’s my compromise!

One day I focus on arms and abs and do various things such as bicep curls, crunches, etc.

Another day I will focus on legs and do things like hamstring curls, leg extensions, calf raises and deadlifts.

I have a completely separate day for squats…this may sound crazy and it may not be the best idea, but I think it’s fun! I do various squats including lunges, curtsy, and good old fashioned squats. I’ve been trying to work on my form so having a day dedicated to this has helped me improve little by little…

There are days where I will go in and just do a complete circuit to switch things up and keep me from dreading the gym. These are fun days where I go in and do a set of everything and anything I can think of. I get a good sweat and keep myself on my toes!!

Whatever I do I have been including resistance in all of my movements. My goal lately has been to increase the weights I use and I know it’s something that takes time so I continue to do what I can to make it happen!


I was thinking today that it might be time for me to change up my workout routine again so I’ll keep you updated if that happens! What’s your favorite workout?

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