Faves on Fridays

I hope you’re having a lovely morning and welcome back to another favorites!! This post includes 3 favorites that all just happen to start with the letter L…

This first fave helps with digestion, provides you with vitamin C, and can even help with bad breath…what is it? Lemon water! I am a HUGE fan of lemon water because it helps with digestion, but I REALLY like the fact that it adds flavor to my water so I’m not just drinking plain water all day!


I may get seriously judged for this next favorite, but I can’t not mention them. Leggings are a wardrobe staple for me. I basically live in them, workout in them, and even run errands in them. They go great with a pair of boots in the fall or can be used for comfy any time of year wear! For me, leggings=sweatpants…


Hi, I’m Jess and I love leggings..

Is anyone else a list person? I am for sure! I enjoy making lists, but I LOVE crossing things out when they are completed. I have even been known to write things down that I have already finished just so I can cross them out…I know it’s not just me, right?! I have lists on my phone, lists on paper pads, lists in notebooks, sometimes even on my hands and arms.


Let me know what some of your faves are! Happy weekending lovelies!!

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