Oh the food we will eat…

For two major foodies coming to California was like going to an all out ice-cream shop-every flavor, every topping you could ever think of in one place. We were and still are extremely enthused about the food scene here. We have taken every opportunity to use our taste buds to explore the city around us! It’s been a tough job, but we’re making it…


Left is the Locoburger Bowl and the right is Karaage Chicken


I wanted to include some posts about restaurants and types of foods we have tried since coming to Cali. I figured the best place to start would be with one of the first new types of foods we had, so here we go!

Filipino food is something we have never had, but as with most things food related we decided to dive in headfirst. I don’t know too much about Filipino food, but what we had at Oi Asian Fusion was delicious. I don’t know if it’s traditional, mom’s home cooking (let me know if you know), but I can’t help but keep going back.


Clockwise we have the Locoburger Bowl, Tapsilog, side of umami gravy, and Dynamite fries

The Tapsilog Bowl is one of my favorites. It has very thinly sliced Angus beef that’s almost crispy on the edges, pickled radish, garlic rice, and a fried egg. The fried egg is everything and the runny yoke adds some moisture to the whole bowl. The variation of texture and flavor is unbelievable!

My husband is a huge fan of the Locoburger Bowl which has an Angus beef burger, fried egg, shredded seaweed, scallions, rice, and umami gravy. My husband LOVES this gravy and would probably put it on everything if he could.

We’ve tried the Karaage Rice Bowl, Bibimbap, and the Chicken Longanisa which are all bowls and they are good, but we always go back to the Tapsilog and the Locoburger Bowls.


Left is the Tapsilog and right is the Chicken Longanisa

This was our first introduction to Filipino food and it got us even more excited than we already were (didn’t think this was possible) to try foods we have never had.

The food at Oi is totally crave-worthy and, trust me, I crave it more often than not! It is comfort food at it’s absolute best: warm, filling, and best of all…in a bowl.

Do you have a favorite place to get Filipino food? Let me know!

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