Faves on Fridays

Soooo…I decided to start putting up a favorites series. I always find myself with random tidbits that I enjoy, but they don’t fit into their own blog. So those random tidbits? They’ll go here!

These are some things I have really liked, loved, enjoyed, and/or obsessed over for a long time or currently discovered and can’t get enough…so let’s hop on into it:

I love pancakes, but I hate that they don’t keep me satiated very long so I turned to some pancake mixes that have extra protein in them. My favorites so far are the protein versions from Kodiak Cakes and the Birch Benders. Kodiak has 14 grams per serving and Birch Benders has 16 grams per serving. They are both delicious and taste exactly like regular pancakes (insert heart eye emoji here)!!


Can anyone leave Target without buying something? Is that even possible?!?! During a recent visit I saw this adorable cup and had to have it. I also secretly want to start my own cup collection…don’t tell my husband!


This next guy I have been obsessed for over a year, possibly two. I feel like this guy has held it down for my skin through all of the ups, downs, and hormonal breakouts. For me this product has tamed redness and reduced the appearance of scars. This product is Tarte’s Maracuja Oil…you just need a 2-3 drops for your whole face! This stuff is seriously AMAZE!!


That’s all for this week loves!! Have a great weekend!

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