Daily Eats

Some of my favorite things to read/see on blogs or vlogs include “What I Eat in a Day.” I don’t know what it is about these types of posts, but to me it’s immediate click bait. I NEED to know what they ate!

Besides being entertaining I find them to be inspiring. From time to time I find myself in food ruts where I don’t know what to eat or make. I buy ingredients feeling excited at all the different ways I will use it and then find myself having a hard time using it up. That is where what other people eat comes in handy because seeing their creations leads me to getting creative in my own food choices.

Let’s continue on to the random day of food I recorded! I believe this random day was actually Sunday…

I start every morning with coffee and a workout…

2016-08-30 15.07.40

For breakfast I decided to go with an everything bagel with Greek yogurt cream cheese and a side of raw spinach. Yes I do eat spinach like chips…


Lunch included a salad with spinach, onions, and some tuna thrown in for protein. I had to have some sourdough bread on the side cause #carbsarelife


I guess I felt pretty satiated because no snacks were had this day!

This frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s and roasted cauliflower made up my dinner…anyone else obsessed with hot sauce on their cheese pizza?

2016-08-31 10.08.33

Enter a caption

For dessert I made a plate of two pieces of Cadbury Fruit and Nut Dairy Milk, one Tate’s white chocolate mac cookie, and a few pieces of Trader Joe’s dried mangoes.

Lunch and dinner were both pretty random meals and thrown together in sort of a rush. Not the most nutritionally dense day, but not the worst. This is kind of what I want to show…everyday and every meal isn’t filled with whole foods. That’s okay, that’s life and that’s just how it is sometimes!



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