Canada: The Foodcation

The pictures you see below include most of the food we devoured during our trip to Vancouver. Our sweet Aunty made sure we were stuffed to the brim every single day. We enjoyed ourselves, but made sure to share mostly everything with each other and/or the family to prevent too much damage! Not many vegetables were consumed (unless you count lettuce wraps and fries) during this trip, but we’ve been making up for it since being back.

This post is mostly filled with pictures to give you maximum eye candy so enjoy!!

Let’s start with a collage of breakfasts, shall we?

After breakfast and before our daily ventures the stop to make was Tim Horton’s. Many Tim Bits were consumed, but no pictures taken #badfoodblogger

2016-08-14 23.02.34

My first Timmy’s experience started off like all good experiences-with Nutella filled donuts

Our first day there aunty made us some delicious homemade food. There is nothing quite like home cooking…


Fresh salad, kebab, and naan

Lunches included sandwiches and wraps from various locations

We went to Cactus Club twice during our visit and both times the food and service were totally on point. Would recommend!! Sorry for the dark pics, it was dimly lit!

Our FIRST fish and chips experience!!! SO good! Light and crispy…I’m drooling!


What is a vacation without some pizza and wings (for protein, of course!)? Especially if it’s the butter chicken pizza (bottom right) from Fresh Slice 😉

We did more carb loading in the form of Thai…


clock-wise: spicy basil noodles, pad thai, shrimp fried rice, green curry, panang curry

Sushi is vital to all types of gains


Warm and gooey cinnamon roll with pecans? Sure! Why not??


Anyone else love boba tea?


This caramel popcorn with nuts from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company was some of the best I have ever had. I don’t say that lightly.


How could we go to Canada and not have gelato?

Here’s a tip: if you go to Canada go to a grocery store and check the ice-cream. They have some different flavors from what we have in the states. This guy was Oreo cookies n’ cream with birthday cake. That’s ONE flavor!


All in all, it was a great vacation and a delicious foodcation!!

**Many, many thanks to my sweet husband for being the photographer behind many of these pics!!



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