Canada Part 1: Exploring Vancouver

Before we dive in let me say that I didn’t want to have an extremely long post (it already is) so I have split our trip into two parts: the places we went and the second post will be the food we ate so don’t be alarmed by the lack of food pictures in this post. Aunty and Uncle kept us extremely well fed, maybe too well!! Now back to Canada…


As you know the hubby and I decided to go visit some family in Vancouver and do some serious exploring. He had a week off so it seemed like the perfect time for an adventure! I wanted to bring you along on the fun times we had (there were no dull moments on this trip)!! I absolutely fell in love with Vancouver and I whole-heartedly recommend a visit there. Our Vancouver family includes the hubby’s aunt and uncle and his two younger cousins (THE sweetest boys). To avoid any confusion let me say that in the Indian/Pakistani culture we do call anyone older than us Aunty or Uncle whether they are related or not. Okay now back to the adventures, for real this time!

Our first full day there Aunty took us to explore Canada Place. It’s in downtown Vancouver, I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong. I love being near water and this place was gorgeous. There were two cruise ships waiting for people to board and the pier was filled with people exploring and taking in the sunshine and mild weather. While at Canada place we also did Fly Over Canada. The best way I can explain it is that it’s a combination of a very tame ride and a movie. They take you on an exploration of Canada and have fun effects like water mists and rocking seats to add to the effect. I think that may have been one of my favorite things we did…it definitely topped the list!



That’s me at Capilano Suspension Bridge!

Day 2 involved more exploring in the form of Stanley Park. Stanley Park was gorgeous and green and had lovely water views. SPOILER ALERT: The hubby and I had our first taste of fish and chips there…it was AMAZE! After this we decided to walk off some of the food by going to Capilano Suspension Bridge. I had no idea what to expect, but Capilano Suspension Bridge ended up being more than just a place with a bridge. They had the bridge which was slightly scary, but a lot of fun. There’s also something called the “Treetop Adventure.” This is basically a bunch of stairs and bridges put together so you can walk from treetop to treetop. It keeps getting higher and higher and the views get better and better. We also did the Cliff Walk while there which was a narrow bridge type thing and at some point there’s this stop where you can look down. Lo and behold it’s glass underneath your feet and you can see underneath you! Extremely cool!!



View from Stanley Park


THE suspension bridge

After all the walking from days 1 and 2 we had a much chiller day 3. We went to the mall and watched a movie and explored the mall afterwards! We bought some shoes from Old Navy because I needed a new pair…fine, fine!! I didn’t need them, per say, but they were too cute.

20160822_152441-1Day 4 was quite the trip as we took a ferry to Victoria! This was my first ferry trip and I was super excited. The ferry was fun, but I think we all got a little seasick on the way back. It was a little rocky, but that doesn’t happen often according to Aunty and Uncle who have done this more than I have. Victoria was a sight to see! Lots of water views and gorgeous buildings! We took a tour of Parliament and even got a visit from Queen Victoria (don’t be alarmed, it was a woman playing Queen Victoria). The tour was informative and the sights were beautiful. I don’t think these photographs do justice to the actual places we explored. It was honestly breathtaking and I have still not gotten over how gorgeous everything was.


View from the Ferry

Day 5 was very relaxed and we spend some time at home relaxing and eating (obviously)! Day 6 was the day we left so we worked on some laundry and packing up while reminiscing on the past week that had flown by. It was a very fun week with some awesome family! They really made this trip the best!! We can’t wait to go back!!


That’s us with Parliament behind us!

I know my blog is about food and fitness, but I wanted to include posts like this to let you know that being active on vacation shouldn’t be a chore. We did work out when we could, but we got in a lot of activity by simply exploring the place around us. It’s very easy to walk a few miles when you have lovely scenery to look at. Climbing the stairs to get to the top of a tree is much more fun than the Stairmaster at the gym (at least for me)! I’m happy about all of the activity we had because we did a LOT of eating…and I am not talking about nutritionally dense foods. Stay tuned for that post!!

Let me know what you thought about this kind of post…do you like it? Hate it? I love feedback either way so comment below!!


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